About BrokFree

Brokfree.com, your friendly neighborhood superbroker.

Brokfree came into existence with the soul purpose of refining your house hunting experience and making it a happy one. We saw a wide gap between the traditional brokers and the online portals that are only into lead business or advertising. The standalone brokers faced a limitation in terms of geographic reach, both with builders and customers. The online portals lacked the personal touch, which only a broker can bring in for eg. Finding customers, understanding their requirements, showing suitable prices, most importantly negotiating the deal between the buyer and the seller.

We do not intend to charge any subscription fee or advertising in the entire future of brokfree. We do not charge any fees or commission from our customers infact we give ½% cash back on purchase of any new property from us. We also provide a varied list of services all of which bear exciting gifts.On availing any services through Brokfree you are entitled to certain Cash Points which can be redeemed for purchase of Furniture & Electronics through our website. Stay tuned for the deal of your lifetime.

Happy House Warming!

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